Shard-like, poetic recollections of his dreams…extend Corman’s interest in hidden meanings.
-The Los Angeles Times

Corman sheds light on Cornell’s psyche and, by implication, his art… with a simplicity that is gratifying.
-The New York Observer

Multitalented scholar…poetic work
-New York Magazine

none have been as thoroughly fascinating as Joseph Cornell’s Dreams edited by Catherine Corman. The book draws form the journals of America’s premier surrealist, and they are an exquisite addition to his canon… Beautiful evocations of dream time in all its states
-Thurston Moore, Revolver

Vanity Fair


a supremely evocative catalogue of haunted places... these streets and buildings we have erected in order to give order to our solitudes.
-Jonathan Lethem

These are the right photographs for "The Great Wrong Place," Los Angeles.
-Ed Ruscha

Daylight Noir is a tour of Marlowe's Los Angeles at high noon...[the] aura is largely on loan from Chandler. He's like a noir Midas: every L.A. address mentioned in his stories turns to black...[giving] the feeling that one is at the terminal end of the continent, renting a short-term apartment in last-chance city...These are places more ephemeral than they first appear.
-The New Yorker

The book is magical...a section of tile-roofed bungalow glimpsed between branches, the Art Deco façade of an old hotel seen against a sun-white sky, a flight of wooden steps ascending toward palm trees...these buildings are haunting, and haunted. Ms. Corman captures the essence of Chandler that still hovers throughout L.A.
-The Wall Street Journal

The city of crime and misdeeds that Chandler describes in his seven novels endlessly wrapped in a tormented chiaroscuro, a stagnant air of nervous cigarette smoke, a profound maelstrom of solitude and mystery, is the same atmosphere you breathe while dipping into Daylight intense visual tribute to the noir master that unfolds through...strongly evocative images, constructed of details that subtly convey distress, that contrast the disquietude of shadow and light; geometric compositions that seem to suggest a further, secret truth. The City of Angels has never been so dark.
-Vogue Italia

Like a camera that can only see in infrared, Corman has attuned her sensibility to view only what lies within the Chandlerian spectrum... the photographs are beautiful.
-Virginia Quarterly Review

Her images seem ripped right from a reader's imagination
- Long Beach Press Telegram

Daylight Noir, the latest book from Catherine Corman, is unique, in that it postulates the published photography book as a form of conceptual art
- The Beverly Hills Outlook

A lovely, haunting book
-California Home and Design
selected as one of the top ten design books for 2009

Catherine Corman took passages from the author's oeuvre that reference various Philip Marlowe landmarks – and paired them with shadowy imagery she shot of those same sights. The high-contrast pictures were all snapped at the brightest moments of the day, the better to connote Chandler's black-and-white moral universe.
- Angeleno Magazine

It's a gorgeous book.
-The Seattle Stranger


Nominated for The Pushcart Prize

Catherine Corman has recast the words of these five bold women into vital, independent poems, and in so doing, she has given their voices new energy and a new, personal clarity. These verses, by turns wistful, severe, wry, generous, bitter, resolute, and compassionate, are, alongside Corman's luminous photographs, a pleasure to read.
-Lydia Davis

“a feat of imagination”
-Vanity Fair